Holy Mass

We’ll start the rosary rally with mass, outside at LaFortune Park at 8:00 am.

What better way to start this day than to praise God in his own cathedral of nature!

5K Rosary Run

The 5k Rosary Run is a family fun run with a twist, where each kilometer is set up as a decade in a giant rosary. It’s where the prayer meets the pavement!

The main event of the Rosary Run and Rally kicks off at 9:00 am with the 5K Rosary Run. As you run the course, you can follow along with markers that prompt you in saying a rosary as you run. Small balloons at each 1/10th of a kilometer signify ‘Hail Mary’ prayers while larger signs at each kilometer mark the Joyful Mysteries.

Rosary Relay

Gather a team of 4 friends or family members to compete in this fun relay race

This is the final event of the Rosary Run and Rally. Any paying participant may join a 4 person team.  Teams will race each other around a short course, handing off a rosary to one another until all members have run. The first team with all 4 members across the finish line wins!

Mile For Mary Walk

This one mile walk  is  a less strenuous and more prayer-centered activity than the 5k run.

Participants will all walk together as a group, led by a prayer leader in reciting the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary out loud in a beautiful Tulsa setting. Prayer sheets and rosaries are given to every participant.

Rosary Prayer Rally

As the walkers and runners are completing their courses, we will stand at the finish line reciting the Glorious Mysteries of the rosary led by a volunteer. 

Anyone is invited to participate in this team at no cost.  Rosaries and prayer sheets will be available to all participants. Tee shirts will be available for a small fee.

The 2023 Tulsa Rosary Run and Rally!

A family fun prayer event for anyone in the Tulsa area to pray, learn more about the rosary, get some exercise and enjoy a nice morning in beautiful LaFortune Park in Tulsa!

Everyone is invited to attend the rally for free. Registration for the 5k run is $30 per person or $65 per family and includes a tee shirt, rosary, race packet, participation medal and food. Registration for the 1 mile walk is $20 per person or $50 per family and includes tee shirt, rosary and food. 

All runners / walkers are invited to form teams for the relay.

Individual / extra tee shirts will be available for $5 each (while supplies last)

Free Rosaries will be available for everyone in attendance!

October 7th, 2023